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Lots of decisions,
Lots of arrangements.

With Simplicare, you’ll find that simple.

Our dedicated team understands your concerns and strives to simplify your caregiving experience by providing you with trusted referrals within the community. We serve as liaisons between medical professionals and family members, facilitating communication between physicians, caregivers, and home health agencies.

Whether your loved one is being treated for an acute chronic illness or complex medical condition,
you can be confident that the best care will be provided, regardless of the circumstance.


Our knowledgeable staff is available to guide you through the complexities of the healthcare system, ensuring that a variety of the best treatment options are offered and well understood.


We believe that teamwork is crucial, and work tirelessly to keep all caregivers and service providers informed of progress, changes, and goals.


With high regard for in-home care, our staff constantly reassesses the patient’s needs to coordinate necessary services, such as nursing, therapy, assistance, and more.

Case Management & Clinical Services

Families are often uneducated and overwhelmed by senior care, feeling inadequate to handle the intricacies of caring for an elder. SimpliCare is dedicated to easing the responsibility by providing comprehensive information and meaningful support. We collaborate with physicians, caregivers, home health agencies, hospitals, and daycare centers to ensure the highest quality care that is all-inclusive. In addition, we arrange for the management of our clients’ needs, including coordinating medical appointments, diagnostic and laboratory services, and transportation to each location.

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Complex Care Coordination

At SimpliCare, we provide an all-encompassing, supportive experience. Our staff is in tune with all aspects of medical treatment and daily living, coordinating and guiding you through the complex details involved in senior care. Whether your loved one is hospitalized, in a nursing facility, or in their own home, our advocates patiently provide guidance through each circumstance, while being sensitive to the individual needs of the patient and family. Trust SimpliCare to empower your continued, meaningful support to an aging loved one.

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Discharge Coordination

Homecoming after having been cared for in a hospital, nursing facility, or acute care setting can be an overwhelming occasion. SimpliCare steps in and takes charge of the transition, ensuring that your loved one receives the necessary support and returns to an environment that is equipped and safe for daily living. We arrange follow-up appointments and transportation, coordinate the delivery of necessary medical equipment, and see to it that all vital services and supplies are at hand. Our experience and expertise in navigating the intricacies of senior healthcare ensure that, regardless of the complexity of your loved one’s condition, settling back at home is made comfortable and simple for all.

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Home Maintenance & Management

We know that living at home is preferable for many, yet we are privy to the gamut of concerns that may accompany this arrangement. Our devoted staff ensures proper upkeep of your loved one’s home premises, using a thorough monthly maintenance system. We coordinate assistance with daily routines, including monitoring food freshness, meal preparation, laundry, and light housekeeping. We inspect to see that all equipment is operational and safe and arrange for handicap accessibility, by overseeing the installation of assistive devices, when necessary. In addition, our managers attend to property maintenance services, such as home repairs, pest control, landscaping, and snow removal.

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We offer a variety of options for all aspects of health care. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have a question about what we do? Find the answer below or call us at 732.997.7737

What services do you provide?2021-04-16T15:56:24+00:00

SimpliCare has longstanding relationships with multiple service providers across all disciplines of the healthcare and property maintenance industries. We take pride in our accessibility to the highest tier of providers, guaranteeing optimal outcomes.

Are service providers insured and bonded?2020-12-22T14:35:11+00:00

Yes. All service providers are insured and bonded, to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

Can I change or discontinue services?2020-12-31T15:06:20+00:00

Services can be cancelled at any time, at your discretion. We understand that circumstances are rapidly changing, and we make every effort to be flexible to accommodate your needs.

Will I have a choice of care providers?2020-12-31T15:07:53+00:00

Yes. We encourage our clients’ involvement in the decision-making process and do our utmost to ensure that your families needs are met most appropriately.

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